Om! Ksham Paksha Jwaalaa Jivae Karaala Thamkshatrae'

Prithyankirae! Ksham Hreem Hum Phat Swaahaa!
- Prithyankira Devi Moola Mantra

    Among the zillions manifestations of AdhiParaSakthi through which all creation, maintenance and destruction is orchestrated, Adharvana Badhra Kaali form is one of the most powerful deity. This Kaali is also referred to as Prathyangira Devi. Everything about this Devi and Her worship methods are completely described in the Mantra Kaandam of Adharvana Veda. “Badhra” means ‘Auspicious’. Since this Devi showers Her worshippers with very auspicious aspects of life, She is known as Badhra Kaali. Since She is greatly praised in the Adharvana Veda, she gets the name Adharvana Badhra Kaali  

Prathyangira Devi - Adharvana Badrakali

    As with everything else in Melmaruvathur AdhiParaSakthi Siddhar Peetam - The abode of Goddess where S(H)e lives as the Beloved Son - Loga Maha Guru Shri Bangaru Adigalar, the appearance of Adharvana BadraKali - Prathyangira Devi temple was also unique and expounds its own miracle. One day in July 1978, in an Oracle Mother AdhiParaSakthi said, “Son, this country has gone to the pathetic level of setting voodoo on innocent people even for a charge of 5 rupees. Only innocents are mostly are suffering due to this evil practice. This place (Melmaruvathur) is being visited by too many people affected by it. This (Melmaruvathur) place is for growth of Spiritual Consciousness and pure Faith. It is not right to have only too many of the evil afflicted people flock here. To relieve them of their sufferings, I will establish a separate temple by the roadside near the pond. Start making arrangements for that.” But S(H)E did not mention when and how to make the arrangements.

    The treasurer of the Siddhar Peetam had less than Rs. 200 in the temple account at that time. How can building another temple be possible in such financial situation? He wanted to ask, but couldn’t. Instead he said, “Okay Amma”. But the Mother knew the thoughts running in his mind and said, “Son! Do not be concerned about the finance. At the right time, many people will give money for this purpose.” Days passed by. The treasurer to whom the above Oracle was delivered even forgot about it. On 3rd of February 1979, one man named Mr. R. Arjunan came to Siddhar Peetam. He was an Indian Government officer working for HR-CE as Deputy Commissioner, but was very conversant with yantra, tantra, mantra practices. He had deep knowledge of mantra upaasana and yantra worship. Mother AdhiParaSakthi looked at him and said, “Son, You are secretly praying to one of my aspects which you have as a picture in your pooja room. You must make an idol similar to that picture, bring here to Melmaruvathur and consecrate by yourself.” That man didn’t understand what Mother AdhiParaSakthi just said and asked, “Mother! I don’t understand what you said now. In my pooja room there are several Gods and Goddess pictures. Which one are you referring to? Please tell me clearly.”

Maha Pratyangira Devi

    Mother AdhiParaSakthi replied, "You have a picture of one of my form that destroys evil due to voodoo and black magic spells. That’s the one I am referring to here. My energy emanates and manifests in different forms and performs different functions. One such form is what you are worshipping at your home. Make an idol exactly as that in the picture, bring here and consecrate in front of this temple near the pond.” And the Mother turned to one of the temple employee and ordained, “Son! he will bring the Idol. You inform the temple trust to build a small housing structure with a stage to consecrate the Idol he brings.”

   After hearing the above Oracle, the Mr. R. Arjunan came out of the Siddhar Peetam and was astonished at this incident. He told his friend (who had visited along with him), “What a miracle here! No one else other than me and my family members know about the Goddess picture that I have in my pooja room. I brought that originally from Sringeri Mutt and I haven’t seen such a picture anywhere in Tamil Nadu. But She (Mother AdhiParaSakthi) had known about it and also ordained me to make a similar statue and consecrate it here. That devi’s name is inscribed as Adharvana Bhadra Kaali in the picture. Her other name is Prathyangira Devi.

    As ordained by Mother AdhiParaSakthi, he worked on sculpting the statue (idol) of Adharvana Bhadra Kaali (Prathyangira Devi). He got in touch with a sculptor and showed the picture of Adharvana Bhadra Kaali and asked the sculptor if he can make an idol as per the picture. The sculptor was an aged person and said, “When I have never seen such an idol in my lifetime, how can I make it? Also, I don’t know the Dhiyaana Sloka for this Devi.” Immediately, the man to whom Mother AdhiParaSakthi ordained to do the idol, recited the Dhiyaana Sloka to the sculptor who then finished the Idol work in an incredible period of 8 days.

SPECIAL THANKS TO MR. Jeyakumar, grandson of Mr. R. Arjunan who was with his grandfather during this ordeal. Jeyakumar also mentioned that Mr. R. Arjunan was solely responsible for giving the form to Adharvana Bhadhra Kaali, preparing the picture of Her, and bringing Adharvana Bhadhra Kaali worship in Tamil Nadu. Mr. R. Arjunan currently lives in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India - Fact updated on 11MAR2010.

Melmaruvathur Pratyangira Devi Sannidhi

    In Melmaruvathur, since AdhiParaSakthi Herself has incarnated in Motherly form many things performed and accomplished here do not conform to Aagama way. Rather Mother in the form of Her Beloved Son Shri Bangaru Adigalar makes changes to enable even laymen to understand the rituals, rites, gain knowledge in ancient spiritual practices so they can perform saadhanaa for reaching Mother Goddess through elated spiritual consciousness. Installation and consecration of Prathyangira Devi / Adharvana Badrakaali was no different. Instead of laying the foundation with navaratnas (nine precious stones) as per Aagama, Mother simply made them use nava dhaanyaas (nine cereals). The man who arranged for the making of Kaali's Idol and consecration in Melmaruvathur, also gave the method of worshipping as ordained by Mother Adhiparasakthi. The very next day after consecration families and individuals suffering due to evil doers started coming here and offering the prayers to Adharvana Badrakaali (Prathyangira Devi) in Melmaruvathur. Picture on the left shows the Adharvan Badra Kali (Prathyangira) Temple (Sannidhi) in Melmaruvathur.

I have had personal experience with this Mother. In 2008, I started getting this thought of learning the saadhana of Prathyangira Devi. I didn't know the Moola or Bija Mantras or Her Mantra Japa Vidhaanam. In April of 2008 after participating in the Chitra Pournami Yagna at Melmaruvathur Siddhar Peetam, I stood in front of Adharvana Badra Kaali Mother there and prayed Her to teach me Her Mantra Sadhana. After that I left Melmaruvathur to my native place Coimbatore to vist my mom. One evening in Coimbatore, me and my sister after completing some shopping had our dinner at Annapoorna Restaurant in R.S. Puram. Having finished with the dinner, my sister walked towards the car as it was parked far away, and I started walking in opposite direction, knowing that my sister will pick me up. As I walked for about 200 feet, I saw an antique book store. It was a Sunday around 8:00 PM and it is very unusual for a book store to be kept open that late on a Sunday. It was a very petty shop kind of store. As I like reading, I stepped into the store with curiosity to find anything interesting. Hurray! Right when I entered, the very first book that I saw on the shelf was titled "Prathyangira Devi". I immediately touched the book with reverance, thanked the Melmaruvathur Mother and bought it. Picture on right shows the front page of this book.

Melmaruvathur Pratyangira Devi Sannidhi

Believe me, It had all the Mantra Japa Vidhaanam including Prathyangira Moola Mantra, Bija Mantra, Panchadasi Mantra, etc. and detailed worship procedure written in it. I attribute this to Melmaruvathur Mother heeding to my prayer. I learned them through this book and continue to practice even now. One thing I have been careful not to do is to have an idol or picture of Prathyangira Devi at home (in pooja room) without the explicit guidance from my Guru. Due to Her furious nature, invoking Her at home requires lot of perfection in our daily life. Once again I realized the Grace of Mother AdhiParaSakthi in Melmaruvathur. All I had to do was to have true faith and yearn for the right thing and prayers answered immediately. In this case, I had the desire to learn Prathyingara Devi Saadhana and I got the wish fulfilled.

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