A Tribute to our Eternal Guru

PAADA PUJA (Prayers To Feet) :
The present materialistic atheist needs a good flushing before he can appreciate the benefits of Paada Puja . The Guru's feet are to be considered in the physical sense, as the channels of DIVINE GRACE. From the time immemorial, the Indian seeker after the truth has been known that his receptive center, viz. the head, should come into contact with the preceptor's transmitting center, the feet in order to get infused with spiritual wisdom, light and power. Pada Puja creates and strengthens the aspirant's faith and devotion and divine qualities like humility. In Gaya, daily prayers are offered to the lotus-feet of Lord Vishnu. In Mathura, prayers are offered to the feet of Vasudeva. Bharata worshipped the feet of Lord Rama and took His sandals which he enthroned as Rama's symbol. He regarded himself as the viceroy of the sandals. It is such humility, faith and devotion that will make you divine. Vedanta Desigar has composed one thousand verses describing and praising beautifully the greatness of Lord Rama's Paduka. The Lord bears the weights of the fourteen worlds. The Paduka in return bears the weight of the Lord. The majesty of the Lord is enhanced by His wearing the Paduka. By carrying the Paduka on the head, the devotees stature is enhanced. Vedanta Desigar explains that for this reason the devotees wear the symbol of the Paduka (feet) on their foreheads and various parts of their bodies. In the Vishnu temple, we can see the Paduka on the Lord. It is called Sadagopan Sadaari. Saint Naamalvar who preached in Tamil is believed to have transformed into the Lord's Paduka. As such the Paduka is also named after him. In the Vishnu temples, it is customary to place the Sadaari on the devotee's head. Adi Sankara, said to be The avatar of Lord Siva, first paid homage to his Guru's Paduka on the banks of Narmada. Thereafter he received his Guru's blessings and became his disciple. The temple for Sri Sarada Devi was constructed on the banks of the Tungabhadra river at the site where Goddess Saraswathi imprinted HER Lotus-feet. Guruchetra where Lord Krishna imparted the Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna still retains the imprints of Lord Krishna's feet. Even today prayers are offered to these foot-prints. It is a time honoured tradition in our society to pray to the lotus feet of great souls. We, the devotees take every opportunity to do Paada Puja to our Guru Amma.

"Adigalaar's Feet and the soil stepped on by Him have great significance. Today, you performing Paada Puja to Adigalaar did not happen just like that. It is a boon given to you for your past good karmas"

- Amma's Oracle.

We cannot do Paada Puja to God who is in subtle form. So, devotees who desire to do Paada Puja, invite Gnanis and Saints, to their houses and perform it. They offer food, fruits, milk, etc. By doing Paada Puja to these Gnanis and Saints they get their blessings. Ordinary people cannot judge the power, ability, strength, influence, talents, and spiritual maturity of the Gnanis and Saints. They themselves will not exhibit their power to any one. One can understand only after moving with them closely. After recognising such Gnanis and Saints one should not ignore or leave them. They should be invited to their houses, offered food and Paada Puja performed to get their blessings. Many families got the blessings of Sri Seshadri Swamigal of Thiruvanamalai and lived happily.

"Just because I have taken this human form, the ignorant think that I am an ordinary man and thus fail to realize My real Self."

- Amma's Oracle.

At Melmaruvathur, Mother AdhiParaSakthi incarnated as Adigalaar. During our life time we speak to Her at all times. As per Her guidance, we have been following Her directions, and getting Her blessings to solve our problems. We do Paada Puja to Her Lotus Feet applying rose water, sandal paste, kumkum, and flowers. In turn we get Her blessings. The holy mixture of water etc. of Paada Puja is our life saving medicine and we keep it safely for future use. One can perform Paada Puja when the propensities of a person in his previous births allows him to do.

A devotee performed Paada Puja to Adigalaar. When Adigalaar stood in the pan, His sacred body shook and shed tears in a few seconds. Amma said in an Oracle, that the tears were out of joy. When you do Paada Puja to Adigalaar, AdhiParaSakthi Herself receives it. Adigalaar, an Avatar of AdhiParaSakthi has performed miracles to Her devotees who have done Paada Puja.


  • When devotees perform Paada Puja to Shri Adigalaar, He accepts the performer's sin and past karma and thus relieves them off those bad effects.

  • The holy water of Paada Puja performed to Amma is a life-long boon. It has cured many incurable diseases and solved many problems in the life of performers.

  • The holy water, when sprinkled in houses, lands, gardens, offices, clinics, and factories can ward off evil spirits and prevent calamities.

  • Adigalaar showers His Grace to devotees who pray to His Lotus feet in picture.

  • Adigalaar's birthdays, and as and when Adigalaar tours places outside Melmaruvathur, many get the benefit of performing Paada Puja in a common place like worship centers and some individuals in their houses. By doing Paada Puja to Adigalaar, problems in family are solved. One's own prarabtha karma sins are reduced.

  • When you perform Paada Puja to Adigalaar, Siddhars, Saints, Gnanis, Rishis, Monks and above all, all Gods appear in subtle form to receive the Paada Puja holy water.

  • When you do Paada Puja to Adigalaar, Mother AdhiParaSakthi Herself accepts it.

By accepting the Paada Puja, Amma is accepting our sins and karma. Hence, He has to experience and suffer the pain of it. Amma during Her visit to Coimbatore in August 1995, had accepted Paada Puja from Her devotees. After accepting about 70 of them on that day, Her legs were swollen like elephant legs. This is because of having received the sins of the devotees who performed Paada Pujas on that day. After reaching the rest house, She showed both Her swollen legs to a devotee of Siddhar Peetam. Swollen legs returned to normal after a few hours. On knowing the sufferings to Adigalaar, a devotee requested Amma in an Oracle: " Amma! Adigalaar by accepting the Paada Pujas of numerous devotees, has to suffer the sins of them. Adigalaar has forced Himself to accept the Paada Pujas, so as to complete the construction of 2000 bedded hospital which is half way through. Is it not possible for Amma to complete the construction without causing sufferings to Adigalaar?" Amma replied with tears in Her eyes as follows : "Atleast you understand His sufferings. I am very happy at your question. What to do? I have to construct this hospital through the sufferings of Adigalaar alone. One can come to lime light only after undergoing the sufferings. Don't you know His sufferings in the earlier periods? I am slowly reducing His sufferings. Only now, people are realizing who Adigalaar is".

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