A Tribute to our Eternal Guru

Today, this materialistic world has totally manipulated the lifestyle and has turned humans to machines. Every soul on earth is racing towards wealth,every individual on earth rather believe that food, water ,clothes, shelter and money are the essential commodities to lead a life in this globe. In this race for wealth and superiority mankind has withered lot of its habitual characteristics. When mankind begun its evolution on earth, no natural resources were spoilt, no pollution, no categorisation and more specifically no money. The humans were to cross kilometers for their food and water. They found trees as better shelters, travel that day was not on corcorde still the life was peaceful and harmony was eminent on this lifeball. But today money has become the identity for mankind, people get their bread assured every day,they have shelters that protects them from nature's misbehaviours and computers have considerably cutoff the human burdens but today the mankind as a whole is in search of peace and harmony which could never be attained by spending money or earning a lot of it. It is possible to attain it only by returning back to those stone age days which is ridiculous when comes to reality. Hence the existing way to attain peace and harmony on earth would be to love fellow human, share the resources, help the needy and converge mind towards spirituality.

His holiness Shri Bangaru Adigalar(Amma),incarnation on earth has made up his holy mind to make peace and harmony persist on earth. Hence thee ordains the mankind towards the prosper world of equality and hapiness. In Amma's world there is no place for discrimination and inequality. Every ritual and service amma makes her devotees to perform is directed towards the destiny of global and eternal peace.

Every humilation we suffer on earth is inspite of our karma. Amma in her oracle says

"Usually I make your life flow in the path of your karma but if you follow my words even I take the burden of changing your fate".    - Amma's Oracle

The birth we have taken on this earth is due to our previous karmas which is built upon our noble and evil deeds. To get rid of the karma earned up by the evil deeds in this birth itself one needs Amma's immense blessings. Such Souls are the ones who get a chance to wear SAKTHI MALAI and carry IRUMUDI which is to be presented at the holy feets of Amma.

This SAKTHI MALAI is a Red Beed Garland that holds a locket portraying the Sanctum Sanctorum of Melmaruvathur and the Sri Chakra on its rear. This Sakthi Malai is a symbol of self control over senses and purity of thoughts. Wearing this Sakthi Malai And carrying the Irumudi and presenting it at the mother's feet deprives karma of one's present and previous births. There is an ancient saying "You Could worship almighty only if thee has blessed you to do so". Similarly, not just wearing of Sakthi Malai will make one karma free. Beside wearing Sakthi Malai certain rules have to be followed as a outcome of which one could get rid of his karma.

The IRUMUDI,this word could be explained as "twobags". Following is the explanation for IRUMUDI given by Amma in her oracle.

"IRUMUDI is the bag that carries all your evil deeds,it is the one that needs to be carried by you to eradicate the impurities of your mind. It is the one that binds the physical and eternal body of every couples. As well it means that the physical and eternal body of every individual is to be one and the same"."As a small piece of rope holds bulk storage in a sack unwinding of which results in the flow out of the stored goods, Iam the one who hold all the impurities of your mind in the Irumudi"."Dedicating Irumudi at my feet is to wipe off your mind impurities and your family evil deeds".    - Amma's Oracle

The rules that are to be followed to wear SAKTHI MALAI and carry IRUMUDI are:

  • 1.Sakthi Malai can be wore by any human being despite of gender,age and creed.

  • 2.On Wearing Sakthi Malai one has to be vegetarian and has to fast on either breakfast or lunch or supper.

  • 3.On wearing Sakthi Malai one should sleep on bare floor just spreading out a red or yellow clothes.

  • 4.On wearing Sakthi Malai one should control his senses and his immoral habits such as alcohol consumpion,smoking.Meditating Amma's thoughts is very important.

  • 5.On wearing Sakthi Malai one has to bath twice a day and perform pooja to his holiness by chanting 108,1008 Manthras.

  • 6.In the evenings after taking bath one should visit a worship place and attend prayers(preferrably sakthi mandram or sakthi peedam).

  • 7.On wearing Sakthi Malai one if meets the other wearing the same should greet the other by saying "Om Sakthi".

  • 8.To dedicate the Sakthi Malai and Irumudi at Amma's feet one has to fast as per above rules for atleast 3 or 5 days and reach Melmaruvathur.

  • 9.The Sakthi Malai must be put on by a male to male and a female to a female.

  • 10.The rules for wearing Sakthi Malai and carrying Irumudi could be known from the nearby Sakthi Mandram or Sakthi Peetam. These are the places where it could be worn.

  • The spiritual commodities that are to be carried in the irumudi are The commodities to be accomodated in the front bag of the Irumudi are

  • 1.A Coconut
  • 2.Camphor
  • 3.Turmeric
  • 4.KumKum(a red mixture obtained when mixing lime juice with turmeric)
  • 5.Incense Sticks
  • 6.Lemon
  • 7.Abishekam Powder(could be obtained at ACMEC Society)
  • 8.Rose Water
  • 9.Sandal Powder
  • 10.Smoke Resin
  • 11.Candle
  • 12.Gingelly Oil or coconut oil or ghee or butter
  • The commodities to be accomodated in the rear bag of the Irumudi are
  • 1.Paddy Grains
  • 2.offerings to guru
  • 3.a token contribution for annadhanam
  • along with things specially specified by amma.

    On wearing Sakthi Malai and carrying Irumudi to Melmaruvathur one is allowed into the Sanctum Sanctorum of the temple where one is allowed to perform holy bathing to the Swayambu there. On dedicating all such offerings amma's feet despite eradication of evil karma,by the rice one brings, the offerings he makes to the guru, the token contribution towards annadhanam all these bless the one with lots of blessings.

    The morals to be followed after entering the temple with Sakthi Malai and Irumudi are

  • 1.One has to maintain perfect silence for atleast 30 minutes before performing holy bathing to the Swayambu.
  • 2.One has to pray amma to eradicate his sufferings while coming around the Sanctum Sanctorum.

  • 3.Silence has to be maintained while unweiling the Irumudi.

  • 4.One shouldnot hide the Sanctum Sanctorum while performing Holy Bathing.

  • 5.After performing holy bathing one has to perform some services such as cleaning up the siddhar peedam, helping the circumamblating devotees etc.,

  • 6.After performing the above services one has to sit behind the SanctumSanctorum to meditate atleast for 10 minutes.

  • 7.After Meditation,if possible one should take bath and circumamblate to clear off his evils. This act of circumamblating is not a condition for ill devotees(heart patients, pressure patients, diabetes).

  • 8.All the rituals of dedicating Irumudi comes to an end with the meals provided by Amma to every child of hers.

  • People not alone from India but from countries like Srilanka, Malaysia come to India land in Chennai, from there they walk all along the roads heading towards Melmaruvathur.The distance between Chennai and Melmaruvathur is 90 km.Amma in her oracle has delievered that

    " For some of the People who wear Sakthi Malai and carry Irumudi and come by walk towards me I appear in some form witnessing which they are blessed with no recurring births".
        - Amma's Oracle

    Amma says,

    "Whoever comes to Maruvathur 9 times wearing Sakthi Malai and carrying Irumudi no Black Magic will work against them".    - Amma's Oracle

    Hence carrying Irumudi and wearing Sakthi Malai is nothing less than a lifetime chance for we humans who have been blessed by amma to contemporarily live with her in her incarnation period.Let us make use of that chance and get rid of our evil karmas and wordly humilations and evil thoughts which thereby leads to global and eternal peace.


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