A Tribute to Our Eternal Guru

A general question common in doubtful, and inquisitive or curious minds is "Who is Bangaru Adigalar? Is He a saint? or a Guru? a religious head? a monk? a sage?, a revolutionist? a yogi? a siddhar? a spiritual leader?" Naturally the follow-up question is "What is He trying to do? What is His objective?" Why is He allowing practices that are not tolerated or permitted within normal hindu religious norms? Why is everyone going to Melmaruvathur dressed in red color? Should I wear red color to go to Melmaruvathur?" Starting with these, there may span out thousands of questions in people's mind. Amma says, there is nothing wrong in asking questions. In fact, one must ask questions when in doubt. It is for that God has provided human beings with Buddhi (Intellectual). However, one must raise questions only with a true interest of seeking answers. Not for sarcatism or ridiculing. Then the whole purpose of questioning is lost and the individual dwells in ignorance forever. Similar to physical scientists questioning everything only to find answers, an individual interested in Spiritual cience, Self-Realization, or God Consciousness must question with the TRUE OBJECTIVE and Interest to find the TRUTH and make progress in their knowledge quest. Great Masters like Buddha, Swami Vivekananda, Swami Paramahansa Yogananda exemplify this principle through their life of emerging from ordinary to Enlightened or Self-Realized Beings.

This page is a sincere and open-minded attempt to help the readers find answers to such and many other questions that may arise in their minds. All direct answers provided by Amma - Adigalar is quoted in bold red color. All other answers and tips are either reproduced from other sources such as Sakthi Olhi Magazine or thoughtful directions provided by the author and others in the Shakti devotee mass.

Don't get confused by differentiating Adhiparasakthi and Adigalaar. I am manifesting Myself out of infinite mercy in the form of Adigalaar. Man, birds and plants have shapes but jeevathma has no shape. You cannot see air with your eyes. Just like one in light can't see one in dark. You can recognize and experience Me only through Adigalaar.

- Amma's Oracle

Adigalar Amma always maintains silence, yet attracts crores of devotees towards Him. He has performed abundant miracles like creating live worm appearing on His bare palm, bringing life to a dead bee and handing it over to a police officer who was once escorting Him. He has made dumb speak, blind see, paralyzed walk and even bring a dead christian devotee to life in Cheyur - a small village in Arcot district, India. When we see and hear these our memories go back to all that we learned about Krishna and Christ who performed such feet. Without any political agenda, religious paraphernalia, no signs of a saint, sage, yogi, or priest, never giving public discourses and stage speeches, not conducting workshops and seminars to teach such practices of yoga, meditation, rituals, without uttering a mantra, Adigalar Amma - A Male personification of Mother Shakti has nurtured this God Consciousness from grass-roots over past 50 years. We can see the result of His Spiritual Effort in millions of red-clad devotees flocking at the Melmaruvathur Siddhar Peetam and around 5000 OmShakti Worhip Centers (Mandrams) established by His devotees in and outside India. Amma has transformed ordinary materialistic group of people from grass roots to a mass of spiritual conscious, peace loving people who simply evolved to live harmoniously with nature taking Adigalar Amma as the role model in their day-to-day life. The OmShakti Mandrams (Weekly Worship Centers) around the world engage in conducting regular mass prayers and performing constant service to neighborhood without much publicity or seeking fame.

"If I must undertake the act of punishing all that have sinned on this planet, not even a grass sprout will be left to live on this earth. The time is to embrace all through love and guide all of you through motherly compassion, show you the path to righteous and harmonious life through unselfish service to each other."

- Amma's Oracle

Why all this? and for What? This can be best answered by referring to concept of incarnation. Bhagavath-Gita, one of the greatest spiritual treasures from India generated out of the divine instructions given by Lord Krishna to Arjuna depicts that incarnations (descend of Supreme Universal Energy - AadhiParaaShakti) occur at times of peril to preserve the existence of life on earth. The time, place, form, and nature of how an Incarnation happens is beyond the comprehension of human brain, no matter how scientifically we are advanced. But one thing for sure is that an Incarnation occurs in a form that is relevant to preserving life in the nature and context of time. We are living in a scientifically and technologically advanced age.

In this present age, human intelligence and cognizant faculties for finding logical basis for everything around us is abundant, in fact unprecedented. Although all this intelligence has increased our standard of life and established our ability to provide life to billions around the world with limited resources on this planet, we must recognize that it has also forced us to a life without harmony with nature. This intelligence has severed our individual's (Jeevaatmaa) connection to the Supreme Soul (Paramaatmaa). We don't see individual demonic kings (Asuraas) like Raavana for God to incarnate as Raama or Dhuriyo'dana for God to incarnate as Krishna or King Herod for God to incarnate as Christ. The greed for materialistic abundance has resulted in demons in each and everyone of us on this planet.

"When people walk along the roads, they differenciate the living creatures as man, woman, human and animals. They differentiate as rich and poor, literate and illiterate, high caste and outcaste, healthy and diseased. But Balagan (Adigalaar) is no such person. He treates all creatures equal hence I've chosen to incarnate in Him."

- Amma's Oracle

All unimaginable and noble activities which are impossible for a normal human has been made true by His Holiness Shri Bangaaru Adigalaar who is a male perfonification of Supreme Soul AdhiParaShakti manifested in Motherly aspect. The only tool S(H)E has brought in this Incarnation is immense boundless love and mercy to fight the differences in human minds. When asked to Adigalar Amma, "Who are you?", His answer is "Naan Oru Tho'ti. Tho'tikkum Tho'tti". (Tho'ti = Janitor) "I am a Janitor. A Janitor of a Janitor". The job of janitor is to clean. So, is Amma meaning that S(H)E is here to clean something. If so, What is S(H)E cleaning here? What is certain from past 50 years of observing and being with Him is that S(H)E is not here to promote or cultivate any particular religion; Neither is S(H)E a sage/saint seeking enlightenment and alluring people around with jazzy false offerings; Nor is S(H)E a monk or Guru promising to lead all His followers to sainthood. Anyone can try to probe into this reality in anyway. But only for those who approach Him with true Bakthi (Faith) and Belief, S(H)E reveals and makes realize Who S(H)E is. Everyone else, returns back with thousand more questions, doubts and ignorance only to continue dwelling in their ignorance for rest of their life.

Swayambu Arulmigu Adhiparasakthi Siddhar Peetam is a holy place for the mankind in whole without any discriminating factors of country, religion, caste, creed and economic or literate status. Although the manifestation of Supreme Soul as Adigalaar is in Hindu land and culture, in a Hindu temple, it is not confined to any particular religion. At the same time, Adigalar Amma respects every religion. To His devotees of non-Hindu basis, He says "For Hindus, I am in Hindu Deity; For Christians I am in Christ; For Muslims I am in Allah. Yes! You can come visit, worship and do service Here. But you must follow your religious code withoud fail. For if you abandon your religious beliefs and code and come here, I am not for you in any form." People from different countries, religions, different walks of life come here to perform pooja at the sanctum sanctorum on their own, take part in the yagnas conducted by the siddhar peetam, chant manthras mingling with fellow devotees and perform every ritual that has prescribed by Adhiparasakthi in her oracles through His Holiness Shri Bangaaru Adigalaar.

Every religion explains spirituality in its own holy words. Each religion has its unique way to approach god. But no religion defies the fact that love towards human and service to the mankind is the best and simple way to reach God. This is what Spirituality means at Melmaruvathur. His Holiness Shri Bangaaru Adigalaar directs those coming to Maruvathur towards the goal of attaining mutual compassion among human. The services carried out at Melmaruvathur and devotees of the Siddhar Peetam would reveal the interest of the above in serving the mankind.

In a nutshell, His Holiness Shri Bangaaru Adigalaar teaches that spirituality is not alone in the rituals performed, the manthras chanted but the real meaning of it is embedded in selfless service to mankind and love towards all which helps individuals in recognizing that God is inside every individual and every forms of life - humans, animals, plants, trees and everything around us - air, water, fire, earth, and space.

Why are OmShakti devotees dressed in red color?
Remember from previous paragraphs that all are treated equal and uniform at Melmaruvathur. There is no discrimination based on caste, creed, gender, health, wealth, religion, literacy, social status or whatsoever. Amma says All are Creations and Children of One God. The color of blood that runs in every life form is red. To explicitly demonstrate this inherent equality, devotees of Melmaruvathur clothe themselves in red. Amma mentioned "Whenever you are in red dress, you will be constantly reminded of the equality, which will prevent you from doing harm to or ill-treating others."

Should I wear red color cloth to visit Melmaruvathur?
Not necessarily. There are thousands of people who visit Melmaruvathur without red clothing. However you must be decently clothed to make sure that unnecessary exposure is avoided. Generally men with lungis are not allowed inside the temple.

Why does Adigalar wear white shirt and red dhoti instead of all red?
When Adigalar Amma visited USA in 2000 we got answer for this question. After staying for a week in my house with the whole family, before departing on the last day, Amma addressed the group of devotees. Amma started with "Many of you have the question why I wear white and red? It is because My heart and mind is Pure and speckless as white color, I wear white shirt. That I treat all of you equally is symbolized by my red dhoti." It only confirms that Adigalar Amma is the Perfect Image of God and not just yet another image of God as rest of us are.

Are we allowed to take mobile phones to Siddhar Peetam?
You are allowed to carry with you, but not use while inside the Peetam. You must either switch it off or put in silent mode so as not to distract anyone.

Why do high profiled politicians get special treatment in Siddhar Peetam?
These are the people in power of running Government with responsibility for lives of the people, state, and country. Their time is more important to be spent on the stately affairs. In spite of that they take time to visit Siddhar Peetam and pay respect to Amma. In fact many of these political personalities come there to meet Amma and obtain guidance on state and personal matters. In order to allow them continue with their highly responsible work, they are taken to Amma without having to wait in line. However, there are many politicians who choose by themselves to join and wait in line rather than seeking special entrance. "Kadavulai Kaana Vae'ndum Yendraal Kaathirundhu thaan Kaana Vae'ndum."

What is the fee for doing pooja at Siddhar Peetam?
Basically there is no fee for doing daily pooj at Melmaruvathur Siddhar Peetam. Doing pooja (prayers) in Melmaruvathur Siddhar Peetam is different from all other Hindu Temples. The devotees basically enter the Temple (Peetam) and go through line which takes them around Saptha Kanniar Kovil (Temple of Seven Virgin Mothers), Putru Mandapam (Hall of Snake Pits), and then to Moolasthaanam (Karuvarai) (Sanctum Sanctorum) where Mother AadhiParaaShakti is consecrated. You move along with the line getting dharshan of the Mother. If you have any offerings like flowers, fruits, coconut or other pooja samagiris, these can be handed over to the volunteers near Karuvarai. For festivals like Thai Poosam devotees are allowed to enter Karuvarai and perform abishekam to Swayambhu by themselves.

How do I meet Adigalar Amma in Siddhar Peetam?
The normal protocol is to perform Paadha Pooja to Guru Adigalaar Amma.To perform Paadha Pooja, take a stainless steel plate (atleast 18 inches dia) with fruits, flowers, kum-kum powder, manjal (turmeric) powder, chandan (sandalwood) powder, and a nine 1 rupee coin (or nine 1 dollar coins). There will be a line of people seated waiting for performing Paadha Pooja to Guru behind the Sanctum Sanctorum. It is first-come, first-served. So go find your spot at the end of line and be seated. When your turn comes, the volunteer(s) will guide you. If you are not sure of the procedure, please do not hesitate to ask the volunteers or others who may be experienced and sitting next to you in the line. There is a fee to perform Paadha Pooja. Please enquire at the office by calling +91-44-27529313 (if calling from India use 044-27529313) about the Paadha Pooja charges before heading there.

Why is there a fee for Paadha Pooja for Guru?
Traditionally, when a disciple performs Paadha Pooja to his/her Guru, he/she offers what is called Guru Kaanikkai (offerings to Guru). This can be in terms of cash or kind, depending on the time, era and need of the Guru. A Guru will never ask for what He/She wants from the disciples. It is for the true disciple to foresee and understand the needs of Guru and fulfill it as a gratitude and reverting the favor that a Guru does for the disciple. At Melmaruvathur Siddhar Peetam, all the devotees visiting and doing Paadha Pooja to our Loga Mahaa Guru Shri Bangaru Adigalar, started offering donations in cash and kind to help Adigalar Amma run the entire Temple, and its associated charity service work. This was started when the construction of 2000 bedded AdhiParaSakthi Hospital and Research Center began. This hospital is completely FREE of CHARGES to all patients. Even surgical procedures are performed free here. Amma said, "Patients must only be concerned about getting their ailments cured. Doctor must only be concerned about curing their ailments. Neither of them should be worried about the fee." The Paadha Pooja fees directly goes to this Hospital to cover the expenses of doctors, nurses, and employees salaries & benefits, supply of free medicines to the patients, maintaining the huge hospital, performing annadhaana (distribution of free food), running elerderly home, orphanage, and home & school for physically challenged people. Since these operations are funded purely by dontations and no fixed fees are charged, the Siddhar Peetam management made it a practice to collect charges from all those who wish to perform Paadha Pooja so it is uniform for all. There is also a spiritual reasoning behind collecting charges for Paadha Pooja. Please read the details at Paadha Pooja .

Why is a male figure Adigalar addressed as Amma (Mother)?
For people who do not know the reason behind, it appears absured to call a man as mother (Amma). It will also help to read about AadhiParaaShakti and Mind - Manas to gain a better understanding. Adigalaar is a manifestation of the Primordial Supreme Universal Energy in the Motherly aspect which exercises the characteristics of Nourishing, Nurturing and Caring with Compassion. This world which is divided in all fronts of life, Motherly Love alone can bring all together. Adigalaar often goes into transcendental state, in which He becomes She. Please note that here the biological differentiation between male and female is irrelevant and is not applicable. It is the guna (characteristics) that makes the difference here between Father and Mother, the masculine and feminine. When Adigalar reaches transcendental state, He is said to be embodied by Mother AadhiParaaShakti. In order to address to the Mother in Adigalaar in transcendental state, people in the beginning days, started addressing Him as 'Amma' - Mother. In the due course, since it became difficult for devotees to distinctly know when Adigalar is in transcendent state and not, the devotees commonly address Him as Amma. Adigalar does not claim Himself to be anything other than Tho'ti. He mentioned several times, "You are the one who is calling me Bangaru, Adigalar, Amma, Teacher, Siddhar and every other name that comes to your mind. I appear to you as what you perceive Me to be."

Is Adigalar Amma a proponent of Idol worship?
Adigalar Amma is a proponent of just Love and Selfless Service to everyone with true and strong Bhakti (Faith). Everything else is irrelevant. He says, "You have reached the height of spiritual consciousness, only when you attain the state of praying to your own Self. Amma is in you. You are only praying to a stone when you perform Idol worship. But you are answered only due to your Faith and Belief that there is God in that stone. So it is the purity and strength of your Belief and Faith that ultimately matters. Not the form in which you pray." . Then why have Idol worship at Melmaruvathur? Why is there a statue of Mother Adhiparasakthi in this temple? Amma answered that too. "When trying to save a person being pulled by the strong current of a flood, it is prudent to go aligned with the flow of flooding water reach the person and swim along with current, but towards the shore. Trying to go against the current will be futile. The Idol worship is so deep rooted in the people of India. That cannot be erased from the minds just overnight or in a decade or a generation. To feed the spiritual consciousness it is prudent to go along with their flow."

Why do all pictures of Melmaruvathur AadhiParaaShakti have Adigalaar in it?
In the beginning i.e. in 1969 there was only the Swayambhu Lingam where today's Karuvarai is located. Not even the Idol of AdhiParaaShakti. Only on 15th of November 1977, the AadhiParaaShakti Idol was consecrated right behind the Swayambhu in the Karuvarai. Later a devotee requested Annai AadhiParaaShakti in Arul Vaakku (Oracle), "Amma! we need a picture of you to install and worship at our homes. Please allow us to take a photo of Karuvarai for that use." Mother AadhiParaaShakti replied, "My Son! You have a very legitimate request. Make my Baalakan - Beloved Son Bangaaru Adigalaar, sit in the Karuvarai on left side of Swayambhu facing North and take a photo to include all three of us, i.e. Swayambhu, Adigalaar, and My Idol. Use this picture to worship." . Hence cameforth the practice of using the Karuvarai Picture with Adigalaar Amma. It fundamentally symbolizes the HOLY TRINITY of "Formlessness", "She" and "He", which are "Holy Spirit", "The Mother" and "The Guru", which is all a manifestation of AadhiParaaShakti.

Questions are welome from inquisitive and curious minds about Adigalar, Melmaruvathur and AdhiParaShakti. Sincere attempt will be made to find the right answer or atleast guide the aspirant in appropriate direction to find it.

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