"Paadham Kaati Paavam Kazhikkum Naal"

A Tribute to our Eternal Guru

Adigalar Birthday

Birth day of His Holiness Shri Bangaaru Adigalaar celebrated on March 3rd is a very special and unique one in siddhar peedam. This festival is very unique among the Festivals and celebrated in all the Mandrams (Worship Centers) around the world. During this festival at melmaruvathur people throng at melmaruvathur and wait for hours to get the darshan of the holy lotus feet of His Holiness Shri Bangaaru Adigalaar. Some spiritually high souls get a chance to do Paadha Pooja to Adigalaar which actually is a life time chance. It is really THE DAY OF SALVATION. To know why and how, please read below

As for any festival celebrated at Melmaruvathur AadhiParaaShakti Siddhar Peetam, there is always a very specific reason. Amma's Birthday celebrations is no exception to it. We started travelling from USA to Melmaruvathur Siddhar Peetam for every 3rd of March, from 1996. Nobody told us or guided us to do this. It was purely out of our own instinct and urge to get Dharshan of Amma on that day, even without knowing the significance of it. But we were blessed to hear from the very words of Amma on the significance of this celebration. In 1998 (it was our third visit for this occassion) all of us in the family were there to participate in the celebration on March 3rd. Our best friend Mohan was also with us during this visit. As usual, we had arranged for Annadhaana and supply of water, cold drinks, etc. to around hundred thousand devotees who wait in lines couple of kilometers long to just get Amma's Dharshan that day.

As the line passes by Amma who is seated in front of the Putru Mandapam, volunteers regulating the line pushed and pulled the people giving only two or three seconds for them who have waited in line for more than 3 to 5 hours bearing the onsetting summer heat of India. For us to watch people of all ages from little kids to elderly being pulled, pushed and rushed by the volunteers appeared very rough and impolite. We were also participating in regulating the lines till 3:00 PM that day but left back to our rooms as it became very intolerable to watch. While resting in the room, we were venting our frustration and blaming the volunteers for being so cruel to visitors. We started discussing ideas of how to improve this in the future. I gave my idea "Similar to Pope in Vatican, Amma can stand in an open area where all of the devotees can assemble in an open ground and get Dharshan of Amma. This would avoid lines". Mohan gave his idea "There should be 3 to 4 lane conveyors inside the temple, so that people waiting in line can stand on it, which will continuously move eliminating the need for volunteers to pull and push them." My wife Shanmu gave another idea "Amma can give Public Dharshan similar to Sai Baba". Mohan left to his room and we took a short nap.

As we were sleeping, someone knocked at our doors. I got up and opened the door and a red-clad volunteer who does service at Siddhar Peetam, said, "Amma asked you to come and meet Him at His house.". I immediately gathered my wife (children were fast asleep and didn't want to wake them up) and rushed to Amma's house. Amma was sitting on the front veranda. The security guard let us inside. As we walked in, Amma asked, "Yena sir. Vizha Yeppadi Nadanthithu?" ("How did the festival perform today?"). Both me and my wife said "Amma romba nalla nadanthithu"("Amma the celebration went on very well"). Amma smiled and said, "Yellaaththaiyum Eluthu Thallaraanganu Varuthhamaa? ("You are sad seeing everyone being pulled and pushed roughly?"). Immediately we started feeling nervous as we realized that Amma knows everything and we can't hide anything. We said again, "Sorry Amma, we just felt it was inhumane to pull and push so roughly." For this Amma said in single breath, "You only saw them being roughly pulled and pushed. Paadham Kaatti Paavam Kazhichathai Paarthiyaa? (Paadham = Foot; Kaatti = Showed; Paavam = Sin; Kazhi (pronounced as Ka Illi) = Cleanse) “Did you see Me Presenting My Foot, and Cleansing their sins. Amma will not pose like Pope so everyone can see Me from far away. Neither will I give public Dharshan like Sai Baba. On this day, each and everyone must get dharshan of My Feet. As long as I am here in this form, this will continue. Tell your friend, what kind accidents can happen if sarees get struck in the moving conveyor. Were you not allowed to come so close to me and get My Dharshan? Then why do you think of ideas to make others have Dharshan from far? Look at all these tall cutouts (hoardings) of me. Did I ask for them? Why are these people spending so much money in putting these huge signs? Many times I have told them (devotees) but no one is listening." We both fell at Amma's Feet immediately and apologized to Him(Her). Amma then got up and walked in saying, "Your concerns are valid and frustrations are right. But think of better ideas, now that I have told you the importance of them seeing my Feet.".

One thing was repeatedly affirmed here. Amma knows it all. S(H)E heard everything we were discussing back in our room. S(H)E is seeing, hearing, and listening everything in this world. There is nothing that escapes Amma's senses.

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